What is it
LiteBlue LED emits blue-turquoise entriched white light

LiteBlue LED produces white light using Gallium Nitride based die of 465 - 470 nanometers wavelength and then excited through a phosphor coating of special formula. The generated blue light is most sensitive in suppressing Melatonin secretion and thus highly efficient to regulate the Circadian Rhythm, when compared with other color light. Blue light can be classified into two categories,

  • Blue-violet light (415 - 455 nanometers)
  • Blue-turquoise light (456 - 490 nanometers)
  LiteBlue LED emits a highly desired mixture ratio of blue-violet light and blue-turquoise light by 0.1 : 0.9 respectively, while standard LED emits a less desired mixture ratio of blue-violet light and blue-turquoise light by 0.5 : 0.5 respectively.

  Benefits of LiteBlue LED over Standard LED

  Higher dosage of blue-turquoise light is always preferred to blue-violet light for indoor lighting during daytime, because of the following three benefits,

1. More efficient to regulate the circadian entrainment during daytime. It also helps cognitive function, elevates moods and synchronizes body-clock. Click here for more details.
2. Filling the cyan gap at around 480 nanometers makes the blue-turquoise enriched white light to be perceived more aesthetically pleasant. Click here for more details.
3. Less sensitive to Retinal Blue-Light Hazard stated in IEC/EN 62471 (Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) , which is related to the Photoretinitis (i.e. damage to the retina caused by high energy incident light). Also, numerous studies show that blue-turquoise light may be less damaging than blueviolet light, which can bring on Age-related Macular Degeneration and digital eye strain. Click here for more details.
High Potency Blue Wavelengths of 460 - 480 nanometers

Numerous studies show that the light between the range of 460 to 480 nanometers is most effective in regulating the circadian entrainment by suppressing the Pineal Gland to secrete Melatonin. These wavelengths are referred as High Potency Blue Wavelengths.

LiteBlue LED emits more power within the High Potency Blue Wavelengths than cool-white standard LED of 5000K CCT and daylight fluorescent of 6500K CCT by 1-1/2 and 1/2 times respectively. Higher power in this wavelength range can increase cognitive performance and alertness during daytime.

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