Mobile APP
  Assessment of circadian entrainment is based on the vertical illuminance in Lux, which falls on the cornea. Because vertical illuminance is the measure of light perception when reflected off a surface, the eyes pointing to different directions can experience different vertical illuminance.  
Circadian Light Meter app

Different workstations inside the office premises may experience different circadian entrainment, especially for those sitting inside a cubicle. In order to facilitate its assessment at a specific position of the office worker, an Android app called "Circadian Light Meter" has been developed for free download. Its download link is at Google Play Store.
  This app makes use of the light sensor and accelerometer of the Android phone to determine the vertical illuminance, after the user aligns vertically his/her cell phone near the eyes. Then the circadian entrainment is calculated according to two different metrics, namely, Equivalent Melanopic Lux and Circadian Stimulus. Also the blue light content is displayed , together with the mix percentage of blue-turquoise light and blue-violet light.  
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