LED Panel
LiteBlue LED flat panel is an edge-lit LED panel incorporating the latest technology of circadian LiteBlue LED packages and 0-10 Volt dimming flickerless driver. It is designed to provide the healthful aspects to the users, on top of energy-saving options. The following three healthful benefits are illustrated as follows,
1. High Melanopic Ratio - more efficient to regulate circadian entrainment. It is achieved by emitting about 90% of bue-turquoise light within the blue light content.

Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML)
Melanopic Ratio (MR)
CCT LiteBlue LED Standard LED
(450 nm pump)
5000K 1.03 0.82 +26%
4000K 0.84 0.68 +24%
3000K 0.65 0.51 +26%
2. Low LB (Retinal Blue Light Radiance) - less sensitive to Retinal Blue Light Hazard according to IEC/EN 62471. It is achieved by emitting about 10% blue-violet light within the blue light content.
3. Minimum flicker - 0.2% (typ.) Flicker Percent is well below the NOEL (No Observation Effect Level) limit being specified by IEEE 1789 (IEEE Recommended Practices for Modulating Current in High-Brightness LEDs for Mitigating Health Risks to Viewers)
Powered by LiteBlue LED of high efficiency to regulate circadian entrainment
Low LB (Retinal Blue Light Radiance)
No-risk level of 0.2% (typ.) Percent Flicker
0-10V dimming
Power factor > 0.90
Luminous efficacy = 100 lm/W minimum
CRI = 80% minimum
Lifetime of 50,000 hours
5-year warranty
  Dimensios and Power  
Model Size Power Color Temperature Efficacy Input Volyage
PL-35W-66-28-LB 2'x 2' 35W 5000K CCT
4000K CCT
3000K CCT
100 lm/W 100-277 VAC
PL-40W-66-28-LB 2'x 2' 40W
PL-50W-126-28-LB 2'x 4' 50W
PL-60W-126-28-LB 2'x 4' 60W
PL-25W-123-28-LB 1'x 4' 25W
PL-40W-123-28-LB 1'x 4' 40W
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