Applications  Classroom
  Circadian lighting in the classroom is critical to the effectiveness of teaching space.  When the students arrive in the morning, cool white light of high intensity helps regulate the level of sleep (Melatonin) and stress (Cotisol) hormones.  So their circadian rhythms are being pushed forward, thus making them more active during the day and sleep better at night.

Focused light scene is for the students to do concentration tasks, like examination.  Calm light scene is suitable to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere, like lunch time or the teacher telling a story.  Normal lighting scene is a good working light for general purposes.

Scene Color Temperature (CCT)
Focused 5000K Cool white
Normal 4000K Neutral white
Calm 3000K Warm white
1)   Cool white light with high intensity in the early morning helps students stay awake and less sleepy.
2)   Correct lighting scene enhances the learning efficiency.
3)   Better lighting environment improves the alertness and concentration during classes.
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