LED Module  TWpuck
  TWpuck is a 4" diameter round module soldered with 15 pieces LED lamps, which are grouped into two separate strings. One string of eight LED lamps is of 2700K CCT, and the other string of seven LED lamps is of 6500K CCT.   By individually adjusting the light intensities of those two LED strings, desired color temperature can then be achieved. Optics of 40 degree angle are available upon request.  
If a specific application needs the light beam to be more focused, a secondary optic will be required to put on top of the TWpuck. Then a metal ring is used to secure the optics and LED module together onto the gear tray of the tunable white luminaire.

Specification of TWpuck

 Driver type  Constant current
 Forward voltage  18V (7 LED lamps) and 24V (8 LED lamps)
 Power at driving current  max 16W at 350mA
 max 32W at 700mA
 max 47W at 1050mA
 LED lamp  CREE XPG of 2700K and 6500K CCT
 PCB  Metal clad
 Electrical connection  Class 2
 Dimension  3-7/8" (98mm) diameter
 Weight  1 oz
 Secondary optics (optional)  95mm diamter, 11mm height
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